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Maria de Morais

Maria de Morais, working and living in Paris and Lisbon. Through painting, she explores the relationship between time and life. She has organized and  curated projects as As noites do Silencio  at galeria Luís Serpa, in Lisbon, and the Ulysses Syndrome, with Soundwalk Collective, in Palácio Belmonte, Lisbon. She regularly collaborates in art projects  and participats in workshops. 

22 juin - 23 juillet 2017 : 365 - Horas non numero nisi serenas - Porta 14, Calçada do Correio Velho, Lisbonne


2015 : Une Galerie, un Regard, Part III - Galerie Pixi, Marie Victoire Poliakoff, Paris


2014 : Une Galerie, un Regard, Part II -  Galerie Pixi, Marie Victoire Poliakoff, Paris
De Fil en aiguille, Galeria Siniscalco, Napoli


2013 : Le Silence n’est pas un oubli, Correspondances (As Noites do Silêncio), Galeria Luis Serpa

Botanique, Espaço 62, Lisboa

Et les fleurs, Fabula Urbis, Lisboa


2009 : Galerie de l'Europe, Paris


2007 : Merci, Galerie Marie Victoire Poliakoff, Paris
Galerie Réjane Louin, Locquirec

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